vCenter 4.0 Performance Overview Tab Issue

10 09 2009

I recently completed upgrading one of our VirtualCenter instances to 4.0. After a failed attempt where I upgraded both the VirtualCenter 2.5 VM and the database (which ended in some very unusual application errors and a general no go), I retried the upgrade with a fresh vCenter VM and just an upgrade of the SQL database. Success! Except for one lingering issue…

My method for replacing the vCenter Server worked like a charm – I created a new VM from our standard template, installed the software by pointing at the existing database and was done. Except that to prevent confusion I renamed the new VM the same as the old… after vCenter was installed. While the big pieces worked just fine, one thing I noticed was that the Performance Overview tab on objects in vCenter showed the equivalent of a “server not found” error. It turns out that several conf files have the server name hard coded in at install and refer back those items when someone uses the vSphere client. Luckily, there is a KB article addressing this exact issue:

I replaced all instances of the original hostname in both extension.xml files on the vCenter server with the old one and the problem was resolved.




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