Disappearing datastores and SCSI reservation conflicts

18 11 2010

A customer support ticket I got today started out with perceived latency, ended up with a rescan of HBAs that dropped a datastore, & left me at my wit’s end.  After banging my head against the wall all day I finally broke down & called VMware  Support.  According to the tech,   using Microsoft Clustering can greatly increase the likelihood  of SCSI reservation conflicts  in an ESX cluster, which can result in the symptoms I was  seeing.  This is the only cluster we have where MSCS is even running.

Luckily for me, this is a well-known problem with a well-documented solution:


(this cluster consists of ESXi 4.0 U1 hosts)




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18 06 2018
אדריכלות ועיצוב פנים

אדריכלות ועיצוב פנים

Disappearing datastores and SCSI reservation conflicts | Notes from a Sysadmin

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